PingPong helps you keep more of your Amazon EU earnings

If you’re an American selling on Amazon Europe, you could be paying huge fees just to bring your hard-earned money home to the US.

Let’s face it. Getting your money home from Amazon Europe isn’t cheap.


Sam sells on Amazon. He’s tried everything to figure out the true exchange rate he’s paying. He brings home about $25,000 at a time. He’ll bring home more money with a better exchange rate.
Kelly sells on Amazon UK. She’s been bringing home about $44,000 a month with just a few clicks through her Amazon account. She’s going to bring home an extra $1,100 a month with PingPong.


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How much more does it cost to transfer directly from Amazon?

Hitting that one little transfer button on your Amazon Europe seller account could be costing you. Big time. Amazon’s average rate of 4.5% is 3x PingPong’s standard 1.5%. 


About PingPong

PingPong helps sellers and manufacturers collect cross-border payments without all the expensive fees. Founded in 2015, we’ve processed more than $1 billion in payments for our customers across Amazon, NewEgg, Wish, and more marketplaces.

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