The upcoming 127th Canton Fair is scheduled for June 15 to 24, and it will be unlike any previous iteration of the event! This is because of the severe global pandemic situation – the Chinese State Council have decided that the Fair will be held exclusively online for the first time. FIND OUT MORE

What is the Canton Fair?

The Canton Fair, also known as the China Export Commodities Fair, was founded in 1957. It is historically held in Guangzhou each Spring and Autumn. In its over 50 years of history, it has grown into a comprehensive international trade event with thousands merchants showcasing their products and manufacturing capabilities.

At the 126th Canton Fair held last year, more than 25,000 domestic exhibitors participated in the event. There were more than 186,000 buyers at the fair, and 74,700 (over 40% of the total) were new buyers. Last years event generated total turnover of 207.09 billion RMB in export (equivalent to 29.3 billion US dollars).

The 127th Canton Fair (exclusively online version) has three main characteristics:

Online Display 

Docking Platform

This online platform will be divided between import and export exhibitions and will promote all 25,000 Canton Fair exhibitors in corresponding exhibition areas. Export exhibitions are divided into 16 categories of commodities across 50 exhibition areas. Import exhibitions will be set up across 6 major themes, with all exhibitions going online at the same time. The online platform will include an optimized query system, an improved search function in multiple languages, and will feature a system to match exhibitors (and exhibits) with buyers.

Cross Border 

E-Commerce Zone

This initiative is divided into two parts. The first involves a cross-border e-commerce pilot zone, where the Fair can publicize the work of suppliers in each pilot zone and introduce a collection of cross-border e-commerce brand enterprises. The second is a selection of cross-border e-commerce platforms to showcase the characteristics of the “business-to-business” section of the trade show. This is part of the B2B platform, but also takes into account some B2C platforms.

Multiple Live 

Stream Services

The Fair will establish multiple online live broadcast links with 10 × 24 hours online live broadcasts – with a separate room for each exhibitor. Companies exhibiting at the Fair can use these services to both showcase their supply & manufacturing capabilities, and also conduct face-to-face negotiations with potential customers online. Before the exhibition, special training will be given to enterprises to enhance their live stream broadcast capabilities. 


Registration for the Canton Fair is open NOW. For instructions on how to register, and a list of the information you’ll need to provide, please click below. Register for Canton Fair