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PingPong works for all U.S.-based Amazon sellers who do business on Amazon’s EU, UK and Canada marketplaces. More questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer support team.
Nope, you don’t need to set up an Amazon seller account before registering for PingPong. You will need to connect your PingPong account to an Amazon seller account later in order to withdraw funds. PingPong only works with Amazon marketplaces in the EU, UK and Canada.
Yes, PingPong has set up reasonable safeguards to protect your information against any unauthorized use. PingPong will only use your information for purposes related to providing you with account service and support. Please read our Privacy notice  for more detail, or contact our customer support with any questions you may have.
There’s no cost for registering and using your PingPong account. When you collect your payments through PingPong, a 1% (or lower) fee is assessed. There’s no hidden charges, and no monthly fees!
If your request is made after banking hours, your rate will be calculated the next day when the actual exchange can take place. No matter when your exchange goes through, you’ll always be getting the same low rates PingPong gets through our banking partners. We’ll never charge you a higher exchange rate than we pay.
Many companies charge both a fee and a higher currency exchange rate. We give you exactly the exchange rate we get from our banking partners. The only fee we charge is a flat 1% or less on the amount being exchanged.
If your store is closed, PingPong will suspend your payment options for safety. You’ll still be able to see your available funds for withdrawal, but you won’t be able to withdraw these funds until you contact customer service. Not to worry! We just need to verify your account, which usually only takes a day or less.
You can only make withdrawals from your PingPong account on business days (Mon-Fri) and non-bank holidays.
Amazon’s payment schedule is set by the Amazon platform, so cross-border payments with PingPong are as fast as or faster than any other cross-border payment solution. You can log in at any time to check the status of your payment and see the expected payment date. Once Amazon has begun the transfer, it typically takes between 3-5 days before these funds can be withdrawn from your PingPong account.
Your incoming funds are the total amount of funds currently being transferred from Amazon to your PingPong account. Transfers typically take 3-5 days before the funds are available for withdrawal from your PingPong account to your personal bank account.
Once you’ve logged into your PingPong account, click on the Store Management page, where each of your stores will be listed. Click Details under the Operation column to find your bank account number.

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