Don't you hate paying all those fees on Amazon EU?​

Of course you do! With a global currency account, you can save on the costs making VAT payments, exchanging Euros and pounds into  US dollars, and more! 

Compare PingPong’s great low rates for exchanging Euros and pounds — all with no hidden fees! 

Here's how Amazon EU sellers use PingPong...

You receive Euros from Amazon EU account

If you're an American merchant selling on Amazon EU, you're receiving payments in Euros and pounds.

PingPong transfers the Euros into dollars

When you receive an Amazon payout, PingPong transfers your global marketplace payouts into your US bank account

You get paid in dollars, 100% transparent fees

With PingPong, you'll get a great low rate and avoid paying layered fees other companies may charge.

Safe. Stable. Secure. More than 43,000 e-commerce sellers around the world trust PingPong to get paid.

"My experience with PingPong has been really good from day one.
They gave me the absolute best rates anywhere in the industry, and just working with them has been super professional. They make you feel like a valued client and try to help with literally anything I've asked of them.
Thumbs up from me for sure, and I would definitely recommend them to other sellers.”

How does a multi-currency account help Amazon sellers?

A global currency account gives  Amazon sellers more control over their profits. Bring home money from foreign Amazon marketplaces like Amazon Canada, Amazon UK, and Amazon EU. Pay VATs and suppliers for free. With a PingPong account, you can transfer foreign earnings into dollars for less and take advantage of better rates.  

If you’re an Amazon seller, you need to trust your global payments. Count on PingPong.

At PingPong, you’ll always have a dedicated team supporting you. We promise you won’t get tossed into an online support forum. We’ll be happy to answer your questions on the phone or by email. Call 1-800-384-5729 to speak with us during business hours.

PingPong helps Amazon sellers around the world get paid!

You don't have to pay ALL those annoying fees on Amazon EU. Keep your money. Save with PingPong!

With a global currency account, you can save on the costs exchanging currency from foreign Amazon marketplaces like Amazon EU, plus make VAT payments for free. 

Ask PingPong to beat the rate you're paying!

Request a free rate comparison. A PingPong account manager can help you compare rates. 

“The rate PingPong gave us is so much better than we were getting from Amazon. And at the same time PingPong is also very transparent. So if we need to know how much money we paid in the service fee, it's one click. So super convenient. We definitely recommended PingPong to everyone we know.”

Amazon sellers around the world trust PingPong to get paid

Since 2015, PingPong has processed more than $10 billion in payments for e-commerce sellers. We have offices around the globe with more than 400 employees in the United States, Europe, and Asia.  

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