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Here's how PingPong helps you get paid from Amazon...

You receive foreign currency from Amazon marketplaces

If you're a merchant selling on foreign Amazon marketplaces, you're receiving payments in foreign currency.

PingPong transfers Amazon payouts in foreign currency into dollars

When you receive an Amazon payout, PingPong transfers your global marketplace payouts into your US bank account

Get paid in US dollars. 100% transparent transaction. No hidden fees.

With PingPong, you'll get a great low rate and avoid paying layered fees other companies may charge.

$100 just for trying PingPong?

Yup, that’s how sure we are you’ll love our great low rates. For a limited time, receive a $100 account bonus when you set up a new PingPong account and transfer $1,000 from Euros, British Pounds or Canadian Dollars into US Dollars. Just send us your name, so we can make sure your account is credited. You can cancel your account at any time if you’re unhappy with it. 

Hurry, this offer is available for a limited number of new accounts and may become unavailable at any time. Offer expires March 23, 2019.  

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