Taxes bite!

When selling in Canada, UK or the EU, value-added tax and GST can eat into your earnings. Strike back with VATZilla, saving money and time.

We can help you with registration, filing taxes, and can even pay your VAT/GST for free!

As a US merchant selling overseas, you receive Euros from your Amazon EU account … and Pounds from your Amazon UK account!

PingPong makes it quick and easy to pay VAT from the balance in your account. We simplify and streamline the process to ensure you never use an expensive wire transfer for VAT again. That means zero fees!

You don’t have to open an EU or UK bank account!

Opening a bank account in Europe or the UK isn’t always an option for Amazon sellers! It can be tough to get a bank account in some countries given the strict qualification criteria.

With PingPong, Amazon sellers avoid paying expensive wire transfer fees and multiple exchange fees.