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A Better Way to Make Supplier Payments

PingPong’s feature enables sellers to make secure and fast payments worldwide.

Sellers around the world uses PingPong for Supplier Pay services

Supplier Pay is a service tool built to help sellers make payments to suppliers, vendors, or employees. By accessing funds, transfers can be made from account to account instantly. Sending payments domestically and internationally begins with a click of a button. Get started with Supplier Pay upon receiving your first marketplace disbursement.

A quick and easy way to send payments

1. Supplier Pay

Select the 'Supplier Pay' option on the navigation bar

2. Provide Information

Fill in your supplier's bank details and the amount you want to send over

3. Submit Payment

Click 'Submit' and now your payment is on the way

Experience the fully integrated payment solutions


Dedicated and responsive team of experts 24/7​


Compliant with financial regulators around the world


Same-day or next day money transfers



Send money to over 9 countries

E-Commerce Supplier Payments Made Simple. 

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