Who’s going to save you from cross-border payment fees?

PayAgo is here to make paying your overseas suppliers cheap & lightning-fast!

A Better Way To Make
Overseas Supplier Payments

Our service helps sellers make payments to suppliers, vendors, or employees. By using the funds in your PingPong account, transfers can be made between accounts instantly. Sending payments domestically or internationally can be completed with one click!

Get started with PayAgo when receiving your first marketplace disbursement:

  1. Supplier Pay – Select Supplier Pay in the navigation bar.
  2. Provide Information – Fill in the supplier’s bank details and the amount to send.
  3. Submit – And your payment is on the way!

Experience our fully-integrated payment solutions!

Support: 24/7
Fast: next-day transfers
Secure: fully compliant
Worldwide: Send to over 9 countries